Management Team

Our experienced and dedicated management team is just one of the significant reasons Premier Nationwide Lending is different from other mortgage companies. Our team works to function cohesively, collaboratively, and with great innovation. They understand and have experienced the challenges that our loan officers and customers experience each day. Their commitment to perfection and quality customer service is a goal that permeates every decision they make.

  • Murdock Richard, Chief Executive Officer, Leadership Team

    Murdock Richard

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Blake Priest, President, Leadership Team

    Blake Priest


  • Gary McKiddy, Chief Financial Officer, Leadership Team

    Gary McKiddy

    Chief Financial Officer

  • David Hall, Vice President of Finance and Accounting, Leadership Team

    David Hall

    Vice President of Finance and Accounting

  • Anisa Johnson, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Leadership Team

    Anisa Johnson

    Vice President of Marketing and Communications

  • Kim Campbell, Vice President of Operations, Leadership Team

    Kim Campbell

    Vice President of Operations

  • Corey Kirkpatrick, Vice President of Production, Leadership Team

    Corey Kirkpatrick

    Vice President of Production

  • John Charpentier, Vice President of Strategic Development, Leadership Team

    John Charpentier

    Vice President of Strategic Development

  • Von Maharaj - leadership team

    Von Maharaj

    Accounting Manager

  • Theresa Allen, Associate Production Manager, Leadership Team

    Theresa Allen

    Associate Production Manager

  • Joe Collins, Business Development Director, Leadership Team

    Joe Collins

    Business Development Director

  • Greg Boisclair, Business Projects Manager, Leadership Team

    Greg Boisclair

    Business Projects Manager

  • Heather Anders, Chief Compliance Officer, Leadership Team

    Heather Anders

    Chief Compliance Officer

  • Ismael Martinez, Closing Manager, Leadership Team

    Ismael Martinez

    Closing Manager

  • Sally Haynes, Director of Human Resources, Leadership Team

    Sally Haynes

    Director of Human Resources

  • John Hammonds, Director of Sales and Recruiting, Leadership Team

    John Hammonds

    Director of Sales and Recruiting

  • M. Shane Harrison, IT and Development Manager, Leadership Team

    M. Shane Harrison

    IT and Development Manager

  • Kelly Schaefer, Mortgage Production Specialist, Leadership Team

    Kelly Schaefer

    Mortgage Production Specialist

  • Julie Voss, Operations Manager, Leadership Team

    Julie Voss

    Operations Manager

  • Tambi Laird, Processing Manager, Leadership Team

    Tambi Laird

    Processing Manager

  • Kyle Hilton, Quality Control Manager, Leadership Team

    Kyle Hilton

    Quality Control Manager

  • Greg Webb, Secondary Manager, Leadership Team

    Greg Webb

    Secondary Manager

  • Cindy Tam, Servicing Manager, Leadership Team

    Cindy Tam

    Servicing Manager

  • Michele Davis, Special Programs Director, Leadership Team

    Michele Davis

    Special Programs Director

  • Robin Johnson, Underwriting Manager, Leadership Team

    Robin Johnson

    Underwriting Manager

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